Willing® SOUF - Sound abatement PVB interlayer

Noise is defined as any type of sound that is considered disturbing, annoying or painful. Ambient noise consists of a multitude of sounds of different frequencies and intensities. Higher pitches are subjectively perceived as louder than lower pitches. The loudest sound that a human being can painlessly hear has ten trillion times the sound intensity of the quietest. physical and psychological stress.Willing®SOUF can help to extend the frontiers of acoustic glazing for architect and designers who need the highest level of sound damping performance. With some noises polluting around urban city today, lot of places need quite environment to keep human good health and psychological stress, The traffic noise, airplanes, construction sites, equipment, blaring music that we faced and be an unavoidable part environment everyday and everywhere. Unwanted noise may only be a minor irritant, excessive has been shown to cause hearing problems, stress, poor concentration, lower workplace productivity, communication difficulties, lack of sleep and a loss of psychological well-being. At its most extreme, loud noise can even cause instant and permanent hearing loss, that’s dangerous.

As we know sound transmitted through windows and doors mostly, improving the ability of windows to resist the passage of sound into building spaces is a high priority for architects and building designers.

Isolation of interior building spaces from exterior sound is important if building spaces are to properly serve their intended purposes. Although hotels are obvious targets for concerns about sound in the environment, almost all types of buildings have at least some areas within that could be adversely affected by high levels of environmental sound transmitted from outside the building. Laminated glass with Willing®SOUF - Sound abatement PVB interlayer be specified in any project where a higher level of sound reduction is a critical concern. This includes housing and offices near transportation corridors, health care facilities in any location and educational facilities. As urban density continues to increase so will the need for new products and technologies to mitigate irritating sounds.

The human still demand the highest level of environmental comfort, Sound transmission into building spaces generally occurs through the weakest element typically, glazing constructed of ordinary window glass. The proven sound-damping performance of Willing®SOUF acoustic interlayers offers architects and designers a clear and compelling alternative for addressing these complex demands. Nearly all buildings have at least some areas that could be adversely affected by high levels of sound transmitted from outside like airports, hotels and high-rises as well as densely populated commercial and residential areas that including office buildings,theaters, museums; With growing trend of open architectural environments and increased use of glass for interior walls, Unfortunately, ordinary glass is a poor acoustic barrier. Interior sound pollution can make it more difficult to concentrate, to speak on the phone or to keep private and confidential. Many application opportunities exist where noise reduction can provide increased interior security, privacy and comfort including meeting rooms, restaurant barriers,recording rooms and other all private places.

Willing®SOUF is a kind of PVB film with outstanding sound protection properties. A laminated glass is containing Willing®SOUF interlayer achieves up to 3 dB better sound insulation values than with standard PVB film. The production processing of Willing®SOUF interlayer is easy and efficient as for architectural glazing products.Laminated safety glass manufactured with Willing®SOUF interlayer has outstanding product properties in terms of safety, long-term stability, light-fastness and optics.

Above all mentioned problems can be pass on Willing®SOUF, because of it can reduce perceived noise up to 50%, three layer system designed to decouple and disseminate sound waves for superior sound damping performance. This patent-pending system targets sounds in the 1000–3000Hz range that allows the most irritating of sounds to penetrate windows. Window systems utilizing Willing®SOUF acoustic interlayers can result in a reduction of up to 10 decibels in the”transparent” frequency which equates up to a 50% reduction in perceived sound. It offers increased damping performance without increasing the overall glass thickness or air space for the same configuration. Weighing approximately 11 percent less than tempered glass in the same thickness. In addition to proven acoustic performance, Willing®SOUF acoustic interlayers deliver all the other benefits inherent with laminated glass including safety, security, storm, solar and so on.